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Mountain Spirits

NOTE: TO HEAR THE MUSICAL COMPOSITION OF "DANCES WITH WOLVES" - Go to the selection frame on the left hand portion of screen, scroll to the bottom. Click on Music - Dances w/Wolves. The midi music file will download and begin to play in approx. 30-40 seconds.

Welcome to Tonya's domain. Tonya is a special breed of dog since she has Timberwolf bloodlines.
Tonya was born deep in wooded area of Aiken, South Carolina. Her grandfather, the Timber Wolf was on the premises when I picked her out of the litter. Her mother, "The Big Female" was about 75% Timber Wolf and her father was an imported German Shepherd and was mostly black in color. With these bloodlines, it made Tonya and her littermates about 37.5% Timber Wolf.
You know, she grew up to looking so much like her mother. Back then, so long ago - almost 13 years this coming November 22nd, I had hoped she'd grow up looking like her mom. She didn't disappoint me.
One might say she is one of the last of her breed, as most of the breeding stock have died through the years, and now the puppies being bred have less and less percentage Timber Wolf blood in them.
This is her photo album with puppy pictures and current photos. If you only have time to view one of my pages please make sure it is the TRIBUTE page, you won't regret it and you will leave it with an understanding of the wolf dog.
Be my guest to view her album. Select the photos you want to view on the left hand side of the screen.
Do you have any questions or comments for me? Send me Email.
Enjoy your visit--Bonnie and Tonya
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