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Thank You HARRY HIGGENS for this award.

Visit Comments by Harry Higgens.

Thank You
RASKY'S for this beautiful award.

Visit Rasky's Vietnam Memorial and Rose's Page, a place to reflect and remember.

Thank You MOJOMON for selecting my site CHAMELEON as your Site of the Month for January 2000.

Please visit COOL TOOLS BY MOJOMON. Mojomon has searched the internet high and low to bring you the very best links to graphics, graphic tools, midi, and much more.

Thank you KIM'S F=KEYS for this beautiful award!

Stop at this site to enjoy many great links to fun stuff and helpful sites for WEB-TV.

Thank you JAZZMAN for this great award. Makes me want to toot my horn!

Visit this site for animations, midi music and other web resources.

Thank you Annie for this outstanding award!

Visit this site for tons of WEB-TV resources.

Thank you Gail for this beautiful award!

Visit this site for tons of WEB-TV resources.

Thank you WEB-TV GIF SITES WEBRING for this Featured Site Award.

Visit this site for great WEB-TV resources.

Thank you EVERYTHINGS ON THIS PAGE for this award for FAKE U OUT AWARDS!

Cool Award
Visit this site and apply for your own Cool Award.

Thank you JEDSTAR for this award for ARTGEKKO'S ARK!

Good Dog Tripp
Visit JEDSTAR'S homepages for a wonderful time!

Award my dog, SPACE DOG, has received.

Thank you JED for bestowing this honor on Space Dogs page.

Good Dog Jed
Visit JED's homepages for a DOGGONE good time!

Thank you to the Gaskill's for bestowing their Humor Award to FAKE U OUT AWARDS.

Gaskill's Humor
Visit Gaskill's Humor Page for a good laugh!

Thank you to Lil'Moon for bestowing the Moon Award to FAKE U OUT AWARDS and an invitation to join the WEB-TV Gif Sites Webring.

WEB-TV Web Ring
Visit Lil' Moons Homepage.

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