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A message from Artgekko August 2000
Due to copyright issues involved in the music industry at this time, I have decided, with regret, to remove the midi music files that I've collected over the years. Even though I do not earn any money from my website and have posted that the files are to be used only for listening enjoyment and not for commercial use, I do not feel comfortable leaving the files up. Midi file sites are being threatened by lawsuit daily and it's becoming harder to find midi files.

I have not been approached at this time, however, I have learned that the free host servers most of us use (Yahoo-Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, etc) are deleting entire sites without notice because the site is posting a fair number of midi files for people to download.

For those of you that have returned to my site I am posting this link. This site keeps a listing of the biggest midi file sites so you should be able to find anything you want here. As you will see, quite a few of the sites are crossed out, which means they have been forced to close.


Please feel free to enjoy the rest of my sites.

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